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TIMT-120: Implementing the TIM Observation Tool (Feb. 2022) is a Course

TIMT-120: Implementing the TIM Observation Tool (Feb. 2022)

Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2022

$120 Enroll

Full course description

The Observation Practice component of the course is designed to model a portion of a rater training program.  This portion of the course is not, however, a rater or observer training program that would serve to "calibrate" a group of raters or observers prior to a rating activity in your school or district. 



Course Orientation Overview

To get started, we have provided a few brief pages of important information, including technical requirements for success, and a brief orientation to the course. Get started with your learning now!


Week 1: Determine Purposes For Observation

This week starts with a refresher on the TIM and the TIM Observation Tool. Then the focus turns to various purposes for conducting observations, and a chance for you to articulate your purpose.  This week also includes your first practice observation exercise.


Week 2: Select Lessons To Observe

Now that you have articulated your purpose for conducting observations, the focus this week is on selecting which lessons to observe to fulfill this purpose.  This week also includes your second practice observation exercise.


Week 3: Select and Prepare Observers

Content this week focuses on selecting observers and preparing them to conduct quality observations. This includes topics around observer accuracy and consistency.  This week also includes your third practice observation exercise.


Week 4: Summarize and Report


Once the observations have been completed, the key tasks are to analyze, interpret, and report the data to answer your questions and to address your purpose.  This week also includes your final practice observation exercise.


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FORMAT: Facilitated online course. Work each weekly module at your own pace.

COST: $120. Discounts for groups.

Sessions can be scheduled at other times for groups. The course is equivalent to 20 contact hours and costs $120.00. Email for group scheduling, volume discounts, or other questions.