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TIMT-140: TIM Observer Training (November, 2021) is a Course

TIMT-140: TIM Observer Training (November, 2021)

Nov 1 - Dec 1, 2021

$120 Enroll

Full course description

About this course

This course is designed to prepare teachers and instructional leaders to conduct classroom observations using the Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool (TIM-O). The modules will provide an overview of the TIM-O and guided practice using the tool. Topics include guidance and mentoring toward consistent, unbiased application of the TIM-O, techniques for conducting efficient and effective observations, and strategies for observing both solid and borderline examples.


What will I learn in this course?

Week 1: What is the TIM-O? 

The TIM-O is a classroom observation tool that guides the observer through the process of looking at a lesson through the lens of the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM). This week, participants will review the TIM, learn about the TIM-O, access the tools, and explore the protocol their institution will use to implement the TIM-O.

Week 2: How Do Experts Use the TIM-O?

In order to feel comfortable using the TIM-O in a real classroom, it is important that observers see and experience many different examples that span the full spectrum of technology use and classroom practice. During week two, participants will review benchmark observation videos and examples with expert support and practice their understanding of what to look for while observing.

Week 3: How Do I Use the TIM-O to Conduct Observations?

After seeing many benchmark examples, it is time for participants to jump in and practice their own observation skills. In week three, participants will walk through solid examples with expert guidance and practice using the TIM-O to observe classrooms in the provided video examples.

Week 4: How Do I Effectively Use Results from the TIM-O?

Now that participants have seen numerous example lessons and practiced their own observations using the TIM-O, it is time to stretch to address some examples where the TIM level is unclear. During this final week, participants will gain a better understanding of how bias and self-monitoring impact the observation process, use the TIM-O to observe additional lessons, and explore how to interpret and use TIM-O results.

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FORMAT: Facilitated online course. Work each weekly module at your own pace.

COST: $120. Discounts for groups.

SCHEDULE: This course is offered five times each each year. 

  • February. Register by January 25.
  • April. Register by March 25.
  • August. Register by July 25.
  • October. Register by September 25.
  • December. Register by November 25.

Sessions can be scheduled at other times for groups. The course is equivalent to 20 contact hours and costs $120.00. Email for group scheduling, volume discounts, or other questions.