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TIMT-150: Coaching and Mentoring with the TIM-C (April, 2021) is a Course

TIMT-150: Coaching and Mentoring with the TIM-C (April, 2021)

Ended May 16, 2021

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Full course description

About this course

Coaching and mentoring are among the most powerful tools in any professional development program. While there are many excellent models for implementing a guided, reflective practice program, all of these programs share some basic elements. The TIM Coaching Tool, or TIM-C, is an online tool for developing, tracking, and recording outcomes from coaching cycles. Coaching is structured communication between two professionals with the general aim of improving professional practice for at least one of them. TIM-C provides an easy way to guide colleagues through a coaching cycle and document coaching work across a school or district.

This course provides instruction on how educators can use TIM-C to support their coaching or mentoring work. Specifically, this course will provide an introduction to the TIM-C and coaching cycles, goal setting, planning and monitoring coaching activities, recording outcomes, and reflecting on the process. Regardless of the coaching model being used, the TIM-C can support consistent, guided, reflective practice across a school or district. 


What will I learn in this course?

Week 1: Introduction to the TIM-C and Coaching Cycles

After an overview of the TIM-C structure, you will learn how to create a coaching cycle within the TIM-C, select participants, and create an implementation plan.

Week 2: Focus and Goals

You will learn how to set an overall focus for your coaching cycle, how to create effective goals informed by your data, and how to record them in the TIM-C.

Week 3: Plan and Monitor Activities

Once you’ve set your goals, it’s important to plan the learning activities that will take your professional practice from point A to point B and monitor progress along the way.

Week 4: Record Outcomes and Reflect on the Coaching Cycle

In this module, you will learn how to record outcomes for your goals within the TIM-C. As the final phase, you will reflect on what was accomplished in the coaching cycle, rate its effectiveness, and decide what to carry forward.

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FORMAT: Facilitated online course. Work each weekly module at your own pace.

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SCHEDULE: This course is offered five times each each year. 

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Sessions can be scheduled at other times for groups. The course is equivalent to 20 contact hours and costs $120.00. Email for group scheduling, volume discounts, or other questions.