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Using Student Assistants During Online Instruction is a Course

Using Student Assistants During Online Instruction

Ends Dec 31, 2021

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The landscape of education is rapidly changing. Teachers are now being asked to teach their students using platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams for online instruction. Many teachers are being thrown into the new world of online education without much training or support. We are here to help break down online education and help teachers effectively use strategies that work for both themselves and their students. The model we use for this professional development is to pinpoint specific needs and address them individually. These are short, 30 minute to 1 hour, sessions that can help you in your classroom immediately.

Online student assistants are one or more student helpers who assist the teacher in an online setting. To help the teacher they may, help test technology prior to the session, monitor questions from other students in the chat, point out technical issues for the teacher, lead class discussions, and more! This course will help teachers understand the benefits of having a student assistant for live, online lessons and will provide tips, tricks, and resources for immediate implementation.

About the course design:

  • Designed to pinpoint specific teaching strategies so teachers can successfully implement new techniques immediately.
  • Contains small digestible tips and tricks so teachers feel ready to implement a new teaching strategy effectively.
  • Resources are available so you can better prepare your students for your expectations.
  • Intended to provide specific support on what is needed immediately by teachers.


Student Assistants Introduction

What is a Student Assistant?